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Still managing contracts inefficiently, the old way? Try our solution. 

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Komrz is a Cloud Secured Platform leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Transform Contract Management

Komrz platform addresses
the pain points
around Contract Management

Contracts missed renewal on time
Contracts can't be located
Associates engaged in Non-value added work
Delegation of Authority not enforced
Deviation in Forecast & Accrual
Overpayment to Vendors
Deviation from Approved templates
Contracts signed in wrong legal entity

A world where everyone can make efficient decisions grounded with trusted data and assisted by Artificial Intelligence

Our Platform

Gain complete visibility and control over your contract portfolio through Komrz’s powerful contract management Platform

Contract Authoring

Leverage automation to streamline the creation and execution of new contracts at scale.

Advanced Analytics

BI-powered analytics for real-time insights into contract performance

Contract Governance

AI-driven auto-extraction to enable unprecedented visibility, control and efficiency 

Performance Management

Real-time tracking of contract deliverables with auto-reconciliation of performance data against contractual obligations 

Vendor Collaboration

Proactively drive buyer-supplier collaboration and alignment and manage relationships objectively

Invoice Auditing

Plug payment leakage through automated reconciliation of performance, contractual and invoicing data

Powerful Platform Capabilities to Empower Organizations

Open Architecture

Highly Scalable and microservices architecture


CRM agnostic Enterprise Integration with API first approach

Easy to Deploy

Easy deployment as single instance on cloud  or Multitenant SaaS

Agile BI

Intelligent storage with real time access to powerful and rich insights

Easy to Use

Intuitive UI based on angular stack designed to facilitate quick onboarding & Mobility


AI powered automation to unlock commercial value trapped in the contracts

Mobile Ready

Best in class experience with higher utility & increased productivity


Global standards for security, privacy & compliance

Our Solutions


Designed to unlock the value by deconstructing contracts, track data necessary to make executive decisions & bring efficiency to the entire contracting process keeping confidentiality as a priority


Designed to enable full contract life cycle, from authoring to negotiation to performance management to governance to payment and closure

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